Project Name

The Spaghetti Detective
Case Study


Can 100% recycled filament produce the same results as regular filament?


CLP U-HIPS material with a Prusa i3 MK3S 3D printer, CAD software plus the Spaghetti Detective AI tool.

U-HIPS filament is a reliable, sturdy recycled material that makes a great alternative to regular filament for 3D printing. The Spaghetti Detective is an AI software that detects why your 3D print failed. When working with prints that take several hours, you want to use your time and material wisely and prevent plastic spaghetti instead of a finished 3D print. The team at Spaghetti Detective tested our U-HIPS Nebula Black filament for one of their 3D print projects.

3D Benchy - The Spaghetti Detective.jpg

3D benchy models printed by The Spaghetti Detective

U-HIP Nebula Black Filament Spool

U-HIPS Nebula Black Filament Spool


The team at The Spaghetti Detective (TSD) anticipated that nozzle clogging might be more of an issue with recycled filament, so they tried out a variety of nozzle diameters. However, after all their test prints, they didn’t experience a single nozzle clog.


Without the recommended heated enclosure, the SD team ran into the issue of bed adhesion and warping but were able to mostly resolve it with some generous glue stick.


The final product was a success featuring color that was consistent and visually appealing with only some minor warping on the bow of some of the boats and some minor delamination between some layers, but this should be a non-issue with a heated chamber.


Overall CLP filament proved to function almost exactly like regular filament.