Practical Print: Scooter Part Replacement

Hey everyone, Will here! For the past few months I’ve been riding my electric scooter to and from work! It’s been a great commute and really helps center my day, and reduces parking anxiety quite a bit (lol). Unfortunately, a few weeks ago my rear tire went flat while I was riding and so I had to replace the innertube. However, to get that rear wheel off I needed to remove some bolt covers that protected the mounting hardware for the wheel.

Scooter bolt cover

I soon realized that one of the bolt covers had a stripped mounting screw and so I needed to figure out how to get it off. I went with the ol’ fashioned break the plastic piece off maneuver and was about to fix my rear wheel and place it back on the scooter.

Exposed scooter bolt after removing the bolt cover

One problem though, I needed a new bolt cover to replace the piece I’d broken off.

Broken scooter bolt cover

2D sketches of bolt cover

To start off on my replacement piece, I created some drawings to get a better idea of the dimensions and sizing for the part. These drawings at the different perspectives helped me in the modeling phase.

Isometric view of 3D modeled bolt cover

After the drawings were complete, I got straight to modeling the part so that it could be printed, tested, and iterated, and I was able to get everything back to looking as it came out of the box in no time!

See the video below for details on how it all came together!

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