Meet a Founder: Will Amos

I’m constantly told I have a lot of enthusiasm. Maybe too much sometimes. I’m loud, I talk too fast, I like to make jokes, and will offer a hearty chortle and anything remotely funny.This can all be pretty annoying so most of the time I actively work to quiet myself down, slow my pace, and stifle the chuckle unless it’s appropriate.

The fantastic thing about helping start Closed Loop Plastics, is that it unleashed my enthusiasm in a way that was productive, uninterrupted and beneficial to those other than just myself. My excitement about helping solve the environmental problems humanity acted to create, and my anguish over the lack of empathy for mother earth all drive me to make each and every work day the best it can be.

I know that if we are to solve any problem, we must look to the natural systems that we are attempting to mimic. I grew up in Marin County, with the backdrop of gorgeous open space, beaches, and streams. I grew up thinking that wide open wilderness was something everyone had, and that everyone should be out in. Now I realize that, more than ever, few have access to such bountiful resources. Those few who do tend to try and cut down access, rather than open it up.

I am an Eagle Scout. Through that process we learn much about ourselves and how indigenous people were connected to and respected the land they lived on. Native tribes deeply understand the natural world and all its processes, cycles, and services which are invaluable to our own existence. Yet, we work ceaselessly to overpower and destroy those very systems which keep us alive. We have effectively unlimited energy from the sun, yet we dig underground for oil and natural gas. We have bountiful soil to grow crops, yet destroy and replace it with synthetic fertilizers. We had hectares of marshland to treat our sewage, yet we landfilled them and made energy intensive treatment plants.

We have lived well beyond our means as a country, and we can’t even ensure our own citizens are housed, clothed, and fed. While there are plenty of resources to go around, we have such unequal distribution that many are starving. Living within our means is the key to solving this problem. Treating all resources as precious and finite, including plastic, is the key to living with the land and not against it.