Meet A Founder: Sharon To

Hello everyone! I’m Sharon and I am one of the co-founders of Closed Loop Plastics! I’m so excited that you’ve stopped by our site and decided to check out what we’re all about!

A little bit about me

I was born and raised in San Jose, California, and currently still live in the Bay Area after graduating from University of California, Irvine. While I was in school, I studied computer engineering and was involved in on-campus organizations, which is how I met my co-founders and started working with them on CLP!

I love to read literature from genres of all kinds (minus horror!) and binge watch TV shows and movies, especially on Disney+. And speaking of Disney, I’m absolutely obsessed with Disney and Disneyland Resort! As a proud annual passholder, I’m constantly visiting the parks and enjoying all the magic they have to offer! And when I’m not at Disneyland I’m either traveling or planning my next trip. I love immersing myself in all of the different cultures and experiences that we don’t get exposed to in our daily lives and learning to appreciate the variety of lived experiences out there.

Why I love CLP

For me, sustainability and the environment was not a topic that I studied or particularly focused on in my higher education, but it is something that I’ve been raised to care about. I didn’t grow up in a household where environmental considerations were actively encouraged, but rather I grew up in one where it was expected. Because we live on Earth, it is our duty to clean up after ourselves and to do our part to protect it in whatever ways we can, no matter how small.

Now as an adult, having realized how polluted and harmed our surroundings are, I feel that it is incumbent upon me to step forward and contribute to a solution. We here at Closed Loop Plastics don’t think that what we’re doing alone is enough to save the world, but we do believe that we can play a vital role in helping everyone else more easily do their part to help protect our planet.

Though I myself did not specialize in an environmentally-focused field like my fellow co-founders, I have been able to propel our efforts forward in my own ways by developing control mechanisms and systems that help make our recycling efforts more consistent and more dynamic. What I love about working on CLP is that our solutions are an amalgamation of all of the ideas that my co-founders and I have melded together, even pulling in ideas from disciplines that have no clear relation to sustainability, plastics, or the environment. Each of us has had unique experiences across the board, so it’s exciting to be able to contribute something unique and to learn from each other how to see things from such different perspectives. I’m honored to work with such a creative and ingenious team as we strive to save the world, one plastic cup at a time.

Please look forward to what we have in store!