Meet a Founder: Aldrin Lupisan

Hiya! My name is Aldrin (fun fact: I was named after Buzz Aldrin!). It is my pleasure to invite you to join us in our vision of transforming plastic waste into a useful feedstock.

My life here in the US began when I moved to Long Beach, CA when I was six years old. Coming from the Philippines, it definitely was a culture shock but one that I was able to acclimate pretty quickly. Being so close to the coast, I’ve always had an affinity for the ocean and the living world as a whole. In high school, I participated in a marine science program where we had the amazing opportunity to work up close and personal with the Aquarium of the Pacific. One of my favorite memories was being able to feed my sea otter friends! This was unequivocally a catalyst for my love and desire to help protect the environment.

Like my fellow co-founders, I also went to the University of California, Irvine and I studied environmental engineering and from there we brought CLP to life. While I was at UCI, I began my 3D printing journey my freshmen year and from there I was part of Team Orange County Solar Decathlon in the 3D printing team and worked on several art projects where we 3D printed thousands of pieces. In the art project, we ran a print farm of 42 printers which was a big learning experience. Since then, I’ve been continuing my 3D printing journey designing and prototyping projects for family and friends. Currently using Rhinoceros 3D for making 3D models for my prints but I also want to learn Autodesk’s Fusion 360. The 3D printing community has come a long way these past few years and I’m excited to continue learning about the different and the up-and-coming 3D printing technologies to come!

Working at the intersection of the betterment of the environment, engineering, and 3D printing has been a rewarding experience and I cherish every moment be it down or up. Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to us through our social media! We’re a scrappy group of individuals who look forward to the future of upcycling.