Hello, World

Greetings, fellow Earthlings!

We here at Closed Loop Plastics make it our mission to be stewards of the Earth and the environment around us. Being a group of bright-eyed engineers, we also love innovation and all of the technological advancements that come with it. And that’s why one of the main issues we’re here to tackle is the world’s plastic problem. We recognize that plastic is a useful resource that has significantly improved our standards of living, but what we also know is that it has caused unexpected and damaging ramifications for generations to come. With your help and with your support, we are here to create 3D printing filament made out of 100% post-consumer plastic waste! And because we care so much about the environment and are so passionate about the world of 3D printing and all it has to offer, we wanted to kick off a blog to inform you about the world of plastics and sustainability, and to share our knowledge in 3D printing.

We love living in the space between innovation and sustainability and we hope you’ll join us along for the ride!