Closed Loop Plastics Recycling Program Design Competition

Passionate about modeling and sustainability? Have you always wanted the opportunity to see one of your designs come to life? Us too! That’s why the team at CLP created a design contest for makers nationwide that would be a perfect challenge for you!

Introducing the Closed Loop Plastics Recycling Program

At Closed Loop Plastics, we make it our goal to make sustainability more attainable. Through our Plastic Recycling Program, we hope to include you in our efforts to make prototyping and plastic usage a much more eco-friendly and renewable process. By stationing collection bins in places like Makerspaces and local businesses, CLP will be able to gather offcuts, misprints, and other plastic waste, then give it a new life as upcycled filament and other forms of plastic feedstock.

So what are we designing?

Great question! Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to design the receptacle shell that

will be used to house the collection bins for the program. Below we’ve provided the only boundaries that your imagination must be held within, but apart from that please get creative and have fun!


The facade that you model must be able to encapsulate a standard 9-gallon trash bin, either round, square, or rectangular that is between 16-22 inches tall. Additionally, please take into consideration for your design that the inner receptacle must be easy to empty into a shipping container that will be used to transport the waste straight to us. Designs can be submitted via social media by tagging @closedloopplastics or via direct email to no later than September 22nd.

Grand Prize

The founders of CLP will review all submissions and select a winner to receive a full-size version of their design in addition to 2kg of our U-HIPS filament. Winners will be announced no later than October 1st.

Questions? Email us at or submit a contact request on

Check out the flyer below to spread the word!

CLP Design Competion 19Aug20
Download PDF • 501KB

Good luck and happy modeling!