post-consumer plastic feedstock


waste-water or pollutants in the recycling process


of consumers and businesses prefer a product that either reduces the negative impact on our environment or participates in sustainable practices

PCR Penalty Calculator

In California, AB 793 will require plastic manufacturers to produce their plastic products with a target PCR %. Read more about the upcoming legislation and its enforcement on our blog post. Find out how much you can save in fines by adopting PCR material. 


The fineable amount will depend on the amount in weight of the plastic needed in production, the amount of PCR used, and the minimum amount of PCR required according to regulations at a given time. The fee will be $0.20 for every pound outside of regulation.

Above is how much you could be paying in fines as soon as regulations come into effect. Contact a member of our team now to see how Closed Loop Plastics can help your organization.

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Plastic Manufacturers

Increasing regulations around plastic pollution and plastic use continue to include greater producer responsibility. As a result, plastic manufacturing organizations may need to redesign their products to reduce waste, improve internal waste management practices of their products, and incorporate more recycled plastic feedstock into their product streams. 

The good news for manufacturers is: Closed Loop Plastics is here to help. Our post-consumer plastic feedstock that we recycle from landfill plastic waste gives manufacturers cost-effective and sustainable sources of plastic feedstock to meet and exceed their regulation requirements and manufacture more environmentally friendly products. 

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