Co-founder Will Amos

Will Amos

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Will is a recent graduate of UC Irvine’s Environmental Engineering program, Recipient of the Brower Youth Award for Environmental Leadership, Eagle Scout, and a co-founder of Closed Loop Plastics. He knows that designing our sustainable future requires the integration of new technology, policy, activism and education. To achieve this goal he believes we need to foster a spirit of cooperation and innovation across all disciplines.

Co-founder Aldrin Lupisan

Aldrin Lupisan

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Aldrin recently graduated from UC Irvine with a B.S. degree in environmental engineering and is a co-founder of Closed Loop Plastics. Aldrin is a steward of the ocean and envisions a world with less waste ever since his days of volunteering at the Aquarium of the Pacific and actively participating in beach clean ups. With over 3 years of experience and 1000+ hours of 3D printing experience, Aldrinʼs comprehensive knowledge in both areas of environmentalism and engineering bring many ideas to Closed Loop Plastics.

Co-founder Sharon To

Sharon To

Chief Technology Officer

Sharon is an alumna from the University of California, Irvine with a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering. She seeks to utilize technology to provide the rest of society with more convenient and sustainable tools as well as to satisfy and nurture human curiosity and innovation.

InVESTMENT Opportunity

Closed Loop Plastics is actively seeking Seed Funding.

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We are so grateful to have the privilege of working with MatterHackers, one of the largest retail operations in the 3D printing space! Since our inception, we’ve been able to work closely with the wonderful people at MatterHackers through mentorship, marketing, and sales. At every turn, they’ve offered us their support whether it’s collecting cups for our feedstock, hosting awesome meetups that have enabled us to broaden our network, or sharing and celebrating our progress! The people at MatterHackers are key thought leaders in the 3D printing space and are determined to help every maker explore their craft. Fun fact: they also serve good tacos.

waste connections copy.png

WASTE CONNECTIONS: Cold Canyon Landfill

When CLP first began, we knew we wanted to help clean up our plastic waste problem. But where were we going to get all our plastic from? We knew the waste was definitely out there, but not in a concentrated form. At a business competition for college students that we attended in Fort Worth, Texas, we met the CEO of Waste Connections, Ron, who was intrigued by our business and wanted to help. By connecting us with a Waste Connections facility in San Luis Obispo, we were then able to source thousands of pounds of sorted single-use party cups directly to our new facility in Long Beach.


Series one Consulting

After joining and being more involved in the Plastics Industry Association, we met Mark Richardson from Series One Consulting. Mark is a long-time plastics engineer, educator, and photographer. With all his years of experience in plastic manufacturing, recycling, and the plastics industry as a whole, Mark has proven pivotal to our progress as we hone our processes to create the best products we can.