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Material Recovery Facilities in the United States


tons of post-consumer plastic waste handled by these facilities annually 


in additional possible income generated by a CLP onsite recycling facility

Materials Recovery Facilities

The increasing volume of global plastic waste is a problem for everyone, especially waste management companies who need to find a way to dispose of all the waste. The current market for plastic scrap  is short of non-existent and many Materials Recovery Facilities have resorted to landfilling the plastic scrap that they are unable to sell. 

Closed Loop Plastics is proud to offer a comprehensive patent-pending recycling solution to potential MRF partners. Our system accepts a wide range of plastic resin types at virtually any level of contamination that can provide MRFs with the plastic processing power they need.  Not only does this provide an opportunity for MRFs to generate revenue from their plastic waste, but it also transforms the waste into a source of commodity plastic feedstock.

We aim to reduce pollution on all fronts by creating recycling hubs across the country, locating our recycling facilities within local range of participating MRFs to reduce the cost and carbon emissions of transporting waste. 

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