Why is my spool a different shade than the one pictured on your product page?

We’re glad you asked! Because all of our material comes from plastic waste, the filament we produce varies with our supply. This is why no two spools that we produce are ever the same, making each and every one of our products as unique as the materials we use.

Are your materials actually printable?

Yes! We conduct extensive testing to ensure compatibility with desktop FFF/FDM 3D printers.


100% post-consumer waste doesn’t ACTUALLY mean 100% post-consumer waste, right?

We pride ourselves on converting  100% post-consumer waste into 3D printable filament. No additives. No virgin plastic. Ever.


Can I send my waste (party cups and/or failed 3D prints) to CLP for recycling?

We are not currently seeking additional waste materials. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our process.


So where does this waste come from?

We currently work with local Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) to source our materials.


Are there any other colors you offer?

As we finalize more waste streams, we will offer more colors and materials. Check our website for new offerings.


Do you sell your filament directly?

         We're happy to leave the logistics to the pros, so you can find our filament from our reseller partners here.

         If, however, you have larger orders or custom inquiries in mind, please fill out this order form so that we can work together to

         address your needs!