Closed Loop Plastics aims to solve our plastic pollution problem from several vectors, enabling us to service customers on all fronts from the end-user to the manufacturer. 


Through commercial service agreements with both municipal waste facilities and manufacturers, we can provide a valuable market for waste material leaving waste facilities. Our patent-pending recycling technology processes the material into a commodity feedstock for which there is already a market from plastic manufacturers. 


Specifically pertaining to our 3D printing filament, we are able to leverage partnerships with regional resellers as our distribution channels to supply our 100% up-cycled plastic monofilament to the market. Each spool is made and tested with care for both your printing experience and the environment's health. As we continue to onboard additional resellers, we will be able to better reach customers from all across the country. 


Finally, we want to license our patent-pending recycling process to enable recyclers and municipalities across the country and even the world to utilize the process that we’ve developed to up-cycle their local waste, further reducing plastic pollution as well as the negative environmental impacts of transporting waste across the globe that we are contending with today, and instigating regional-level recycling efforts all supported by the CLP recycling process.

Our mission is to continue our cultureʼs innovative momentum while fully embracing our recycling potential!

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