Project Name

Binary SLC
Case Study


Can post-consumer U-HIPS flake produce similar results as post-industrial flake?


CLP U-HIPS flake with robotic 3D printing capabilities.

U-HIPS flake is a reliable, sturdy recycled material that makes a great alternative to post-industrial flake. The Binary SLC is a multi-material additive fabrication studio that produces sustainable products for the home and office. Founded by Matt Sutton who has over 10 years of experience in technology R&D, product development, and manufacturing, Binary SLC tested our post-consumer U-HIPS flake for one of their projects.

Lampshades extruded by Binary SLC using CLP flake

Home decor designed by the Binary SLC


Home decor designed by the Binary SLC and 3D robotic printer


As amazing as these photos look, there were a couple of hiccups, as noted by Binary. There were some mixed results from the direct flake printing related to the flow of the material in which about 1% of the time the material would fail to feed the screw.


However, Matt noted that when he pelletized the flake, he had great results with printing U-HIPS material.


This was the first time CLP U-HIPS flake material was used for a project. CLP aims to be the go-to material for manufacturers such as Binary SLC.