Project Name

U-HIPS Filament Beginner 3D Printing
Case Study


Create first 3D prints for Quest program senior project.


CLP U-HIPS material with a Creality Ender 3 V2 3D printer and CAD software.

U-HIPS filament is a reliable, sturdy recycled material that’s functional for all levels of 3D printing. Millikan High School senior, Mart Mojica of Long Beach, CA designed and executed his first 3D prints using our U-HIPS filament with the support of CLP co-founder, Aldrin Lupisan.

3D printed bookends

Bookends designed and 3D printed by Mart Mojica.

3D printed plant watering pitcher

Pitcher designed and 3D printed by Mart Mojica.


Mart is motivated to do more with 3D printing since his desired career path is engineering. He loves the idea of practical prints to design and print items that are functional.


Mart chose U-HIPS instead of PLA because using recycled material was important to him. He understands the effects of plastic waste on the environment as his research essay was about how microparticles and microplastics in the ocean affects the entire environment: animals, marine wildlife.


Closed Loop Plastics is dedicated to advancing the adoption of 3D printing by supporting upcoming engineers and makers like Mart.