Closed Loop Plastics is an innovator in the way plastic waste is recycled and given new life as plastic feedstock for manufacturers, businesses and consumers worldwide. Our business focuses on partnering with Material Recovery Facilities to create economic hubs around plastic recycling and manufacturing – closing the loop on single-use plastic waste

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CLP'S Solutions

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Materials Recovery Facilities

With increasing regulations and reduced market for plastic scrap, we know times are tough for local MRFs. Closed Loop Plastics' patent-pending recycling process has the ability to process contaminated post-consumer plastic material, which can generate revenue for MRFs while also reducing their need to landfill valuable plastic material.

Plastic Manufacturers

Plastic manufacturers are also seeing more regulation around the use of greener and more sustainable practices. One way to achieve that offset is by working with innovators like Closed Loop Plastics to purchase recycled plastic feedstock that is sourced, processed, and sold locally. We currently offer post-consumer recycled plastic flake, regrind, and filament for manufacturers' needs.



Closed Loop Plastics' signature U-HIPS filament is made from 100% post-consumer plastic waste. We are happy to offer our filament through our fantastic and growing network for filament resellers. For custom inquiries or large orders, please fill out our custom order form. 

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